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When transformational and evolutionary pressures collide

Professional enterprise engineering is particularly essential at present. In addition to classic drivers, such as business growth, market expansion, system renewal, modernisation and rationalisation, we are also experiencing the impact of external factors, such as climate and demographic changes as well as digitalisation, pandemics and, most recently, the consequences of the war in Europe.


A Consistent Strategy for Targeted Enterprise Engineering

Why a consistent strategy for targeted Enterprise Engineering have a significantly greater impact today on a company’s success and medium- to long-term competitive position than in previous decades, is because in many regions and companies, the underlying conditions have changed significantly.


Successful Enterprise Engineering

Successful Enterneering®, i.e. the development of the company in the areas of organisation, people and culture, requires a holistic and systematic approach. It’s not about the precise pre-definition of the content of a multi-year implementation plan.


What this bus and business sparring have in common

Some topics have been around in the business world for a long time and have repeatedly been rehashed or cited without ever being sustainably debunked in all these years.


Four capacities for one big topic 4for1

We offer four profiles for one significant topic: 4 for Enterprise Engineering. Benefit from our in-house capacities as Interim/Co/Background CxO, Growth Coach, Change Master or HR & Organisation Transformer.


The Importance of Enterneering® in HR Shortage

20%, 25% or 30% – How much does the percentage of permanently unfilled positions have to be to internalize that it’s about much more than trendy recruiting, fresh fruit, events, or job bikes?


50th Anniversary: Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow

Then as now: Success factors in growth. It's fantastic that some principles are so constant. This enables us to better understand, comprehend and consciously adjust to them. You should definitely do the same.


STUPS eco: Sparring for StartUPs + young entrepreneurs

Our smart and cost-effective feature for StartUPs and young entrepreneurs. STUPS eco is a fixed format for sparring chats around the topic of Enterneering® at the client's premises.


Current challenges: Personal succession

Successful company succession is increasingly becoming a challenge. In many cases, succession is difficult. This also applies to C-level management. Sparring can offer valuable support here.


The Enterneer® as Interim Co-Pilot

Do you know the situation: there is an open management position or succession that is to be filled by candidates who are not yet sufficiently experienced?


Does the world still need a consultant like Enterneer®?

Industry insiders agree: the demand for consultancy remains high despite the pandemic. Services for individual enterprise engineering are in demand.


Happy New Year 2022!

We hope that despite the external circumstances, 2022 has gotten off to a good start for our partners and friends.


Hello! Welcome to our new company: The German Enterneers®

After more than 20 years of professional life in various employment positions, we at Enterneers® have decided to become self-employed.




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